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april results - telford

The Bai Lang Midland Open - Event 1 - The Uprising
Telford 29th April 2007

1. Curtis Jones (Tamworth KB) v Joe Firth (Jesters Gym) – win to Curtis
2. Chelsea Williams (Eclipse WV) v Emma Erskin (Jesters Gym) – win to Chelsea
3. Azra Parvais (Bai Lang) v Megan Kelly (USKA) – win to Megan
4. Murray Dadswell (Bai Lang) v Mario Conte (USKA) – draw
5. Connor Moore (Force 1) v Charlie Pearson (Newark MA) – win to Connor
6. Alasdair Dadswell (Bai Lang) v Josh Poulton (Force 1) – win to Josh
7. Josh Spencer (Jesters Gym) v Ryan Pooley (Newark MA) – win to Josh
8. Murray Dadswell (Bai Lang) v Kasim Sumel (USKA) – demo bout
9. Zakir Rahman (USKA) v Jordan Frost (USKA) – win to Zakir
10. Shannon Thomas (Tamworth) v Lauren Porter (Eclipse WV) – win to Shannon
11. Ricky Bailey (Bai Lang) v Bailey Sugden (Newark MA) – win to Ricky
12. Byron Crump (Bai Lang) v David Tomlinson (Eclipse WV) – win to David
13. Tamara Stallard (Bai Lang) v Becca Smith (Jesters Gym) - win to Becca
14. Midland Area Title, Jai Meyrick (Bai Lang) v Danny Swanwick (Newark MA) – win to Jai
15. Noor Muhammed (USKA) v Dillan Moss (Force 1) – draw
16. Kyle Williams (Eclipse WV) v Azad Khan (USKA) win to Azad
17. Liam Caddick (Eclipse WV) v Kieran Jones (Newark MA) – win to Liam
18. Raheem Parvaiz (Bai Lang) v Jimmy Gillman (Newark MA) – win to Jimmy
19. Stacey Sibson-Bartram (Bai Lang) v Stacey Hawkins (Tamworth) – win Stacey Hawkins
20. Odin Conquest (Jesters Gym) v Nadeem Mohammed (USKA) – win to Nadeem
21. English Title, Ridwan Khan (USKA) v Regis Sugden (Newark MA) – win to Regis
22. Vishav Partap Singh (Bai Lang) v Jake Richards (USKA) win to Jake
23. Dolton Smith (Bai Lang) v Kyle Kerry (Newark MA) – win to Kyle
24. Aqeeb Vazir (Bai Lang) v Joe Brown (Force 1) – win to Joe
25. Toby Shields (Bai LNag) v Reece Guy (Eclipse WV) – win to Reece
26. Haroon Khan (USKA) v Connor Goodchild (Force 1) – win to Haroon
27. Shaye McInnis (Eclipse WV) v Emma Erskin (Jesters Gym) – win to Shaye
28. Ross Davis (Bai Lang) v Mark Sedgwick (USKA) – win to Mark
29. Vishav Partap Singh (Bai Lang) v Ali XXXXXX (Jesters Gym) – demo bout
30. Reiss Larvin (USKA) v Oden Conquest (Jesters Gym) – win to Reiss
31. Stacey Richards (USKA) v Laurie Pearson (Newark MA) – win to Stacey
32. Murray Dadswell (Bai Lang) v Lee Goodall (Jesters) – win to Murray
33. Sam Walters (Newark MA) v replacement fighter from Newark
34. Chloe Wildman (Bai Lang) v Kane Freeman (Eclipse WV) – demo bout